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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I reserve the space and make my wedding date definite?
A: Please return your signed contract with the deposit. We will send you a confirmation with a counter-signed copy of your contract after the deposit has been processed.

Q: How much is the deposit?
A: A non-refundable deposit of 20% of the contract value must be returned with the signed contract.

Q: How far in advance do we need to book our wedding?
A: Summer is our popular season booking 9-18 months in advance.

Q: What outdoor wedding ceremony locations are available?
A: For outdoor ceremonies, the Roof Top Plaza is our primary location which offers incredible city and water views. Our ceremony package includes seating, sound system with microphone and speakers, staging, a backup room in case of rain, rehearsal, and two dressing rooms. The Rooftop can accommodate 20 to 300 guests. Our Pier Plaza can accommodate up to 200 guests.

Q: When is my final payment due?
A: The final payment is due no later than two weeks before your event (Refer to your contract for specific date). We provide an estimate based on the number of guests. Your Banquet Check will be revised after your event to reflect the actual consumption. You will then receive a refund or have a balance due. We ask that you provide us a credit card to have on file that we may either credit or charge as needed after your wedding.

Q: What happens if I must cancel my event?
A: Initial deposits are not refundable and are forfeited due to cancellation. Additional fees are incurred depending on how far in advance you cancel. Your contract will clearly detail these policies for you to read prior to signing.

Q: How early can I set up?
A: Please let us know how much time you will need and we will work with our schedule to accommodate you as best we can. A minimum of one hour will automatically be reserved for you with an option of more time based upon availability. If your vendors need more time please let us know and we will refer to the venue schedule to see if we are able to arrange for additional time. Extra charges may apply.

Q: Do you have a dance floor?
A: Yes, we have a dance floor onsite, and it is included in the room rental fee.

Q: Do you know a good officiant, photographer, or florist?
A: Yes, we can recommend local vendors to suit your specific needs. Please let us know what you are looking for and we will be happy to assist you.

Q: Can we have a rehearsal for the wedding ceremony?
A: Your ceremony package includes a one-hour rehearsal at no additional cost, when booked around other events and if the rehearsal is within our normal business hours; Monday- Friday 8:00am-5:00pm or if we are otherwise open. Please let your Planning Manager know the date/time you would prefer and we will do our best to honor your request. We are generally able to let you know a specific time and date about two weeks prior to your wedding.

Q: Do you offer buffet or plated meals?
A: We offer a full-service banquet menu that includes passed or stationed hors d'oeuvres, full buffet or buffet stations, and multi-course plated meals. Please ask your Sales or Planning Manager for current menus and beverage lists.

Q: How does a food and beverage minimum work?
A: Your food and beverage minimum is the minimum amount you need to spend to rent the facility. You may apply all food and beverage purchases towards this minimum before sales tax, and the mandatory service charge. If the minimum is not met, the balance will be charged to the wedding party's master account (for example, if the food minimum is $5,000, and you only spend $3,000 on food, then the difference of $2,000 will also be charged to the master account).

Q: When is the guaranteed guest count due?
A: The estimated guest count is due 14 days prior to the event. The final guaranteed guest count is due three business days prior to the event. Bell Harbor and the World Trade Center Seattle will defer to the 14-day count, should a three-day count fail to be provided. Meal counts must also be provided at this time (i.e. plated dinners, number of children, vendor meals, etc.). If you have a Saturday or Sunday wedding your final guest count is due the Tuesday before by noon.

Q: How do I handle gratuities?
A: All food and beverage purchases are subject to a mandatory service charge and Washington State sales tax. Service charges cover all set up, clean up, and gratuities for banquet servers and bartenders. The service charge is 22% and is taxable.

Q: Can we bring in our own food or alcohol?
A: You may only bring in a wedding cake as we do not have a pastry chef onsite. No other outside food or beverages may be brought in.

Q: How is food and beverage provided?
A: We have extremely talented culinary team to cater the wedding of your dreams. We also have an outstanding wine list to choose from and an innovative beverage team to create mouthwatering cocktails.

Q: What is my minimum contract value?
A: This is the minimum amount you need to spend according to your contract (before tax and service charge). The Event Value is composed of Room Rental, Audiovisual Services, Food and Beverage, and Ceremony Fee.

Q: What services will the Planning Manager provide?
A: Your Planning Manager will act as a liaison between you and our internal departments to ensure the success of your event. This means they will help you create menus and timelines for your event within the facility. They can order specialty linens, chair covers and will help coordinate vendor access times.

Q: Where is the best place for my guests to park?
A: The Art Institute/Bell Street Parking Garage, which is connected to Bell Harbor by the skybridge. Your guests can pay for their own parking or you may pay for your guests' parking. The charge is $9 per car. Guests are charged upon exiting the garage.

Q: What time does the Art Institute/Bell Street Parking Garage close?
A. The Art Institute Parking Garage will close one hour after your event finishes. You will not be locked in the garage or locked out as long as you utilize the garage during the hours indicated on your contract. The sign indicates the garage closes at 11:00pm, however, this is for normal business hours. Your event is outside normal business hours.

Q: When can I schedule my tasting?
A: We provide private, complimentary tastings here at Bell Harbor/World Trade Center. Tastings can be scheduled 3-4 months prior to your wedding date Monday-Friday from 1-3pm. You can taste six items from the menu and have a maximum of four guests at the tasting. Think of the tasting as a way for you to not only taste the food, but for you to see the portion sizes, presentation style as well as the overall feel of the dining table. Please talk to your Planning Manager for menu clarification, protein and plate size, and descriptions of the flavor profile to help determine the items you want to taste. You will also be able to taste the chef's pairing of starch and vegetable for the entrée plates.

Q: If I am having a plated meal what do I put on my response cards if I don't know what I am serving my guests?
A: We recommend you give the option of three main proteins to your guests (eg; fish or chicken, beef, and vegetarian). This way you have flexibility to change your mind if you aren't certain of the entrée description.

Q: What decorative items are prohibited at Bell Harbor/World Trade Center?
A: Glitter, Silly String, sand, confetti, rice, open flame (candles must be in a hurricane or votive)

Q: What complimentary decorative items does Bell Harbor/World Trade Center provide?
A: White or ivory linens, white or black napkins, three votive candles per dinner table, one votive candle per cocktail table, table stands and numbers, cake knife and server and champagne flutes.

Q: What is a Banquet Event Order?
A: The Banquet Event Order is the document containing all the details of your event: menus, timing, set up, vendor information, etc. We often refer to this as the BEO. You are responsible to review, sign and return a copy of this document to your Planning Manager.

Q: When are my menu selections due?
A: Your menu selections are due 20 days prior to your wedding. Refer to your contract for the specific date.

Q: What items will my Planning Manager need from me prior to my event?
A: You will need to review and sign the Banquet Event Order, Banquet Check and diagram. We also need a credit card on file to take care of a balance due or credit due after your event.

Q: What items can Bell Harbor/ World Trade Center provide for me that isn't included in my contract?
A: Your Planning Manager can provide you and assist you with any items you want or need. Please just ask and we can help facilitate your vision.

Some items include:

* Due to seasonal changes and the wide range of information covered, all information provided here is subject to change without notice.

For more information about booking social events and weddings at any of our premier Seattle waterfront venues, or to schedule a property tour, please contact us.
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