It's often what's behind the scenes that make an event. Bell Harbor offers top of the line technology, supported by our audiovisual partner AVMS that knows the space inside and out, knows the equipment, and has been involved in your program since the beginning. The peace of mind that your audiovisual will actually work is why meeting planners choose Bell Harbor. It is one-stop shopping with a Bell Harbor hands-on property team that is dedicated to working within your budget and delivering a successful program.

Trust in our high-powered wireless internet technology. Have confidence in your guests' ability to stay connected effortlessly, while enjoying your event. We’re equipped to deliver blazing speeds to any WiFi enabled device in every space of our facility, and it doesn't cost you a dime for up to 20 Mbps! Many of our conference rooms also feature easy to use, built-in technology, providing unobtrusive rear-screen projection, easily adjustable screen control of everything (including the lights and shades) and of course, expert technicians ready to help at a moment's notice.

Bell Harbor also has the infrastructure needed to accommodate a variety of videoconferencing needs. From a simple user to user video conference via a tablet, to a large scale live webcast requiring substantial bandwidth - we can do it all! We're also fully equipped with Polycom conference phones, the best in audio conference technology. We can even help you set up a bridge line for multiple call-in attendees. Response time is everything to our technology team, and that's why we keep most of our equipment in-house, ready to be deployed for any last-minute changes or decisions. We have everything from professional-level microphones, audio mixers and speakers, projectors, modern laptops, and plasma screens. Should you need to rent equipment outside of Bell Harbor, we have wonderful relationships with local equipment vendors, ensuring you always get the highest quality products available.

Bell Harbor's Technology and Audiovisual services include:

  • High-speed internet access throughout the facility with sufficient bandwidth for hundreds of heavy users and the ability to support thousands of devices.
  • Substantial bandwidth available for any size videoconference or webcast.
  • Built-in rear projection system in the Bay Auditorium.
  • Touch-screen presentation control systems.
  • Adjustable task-appropriate lighting.
  • Video and audio recording and webcast services available.
  • White boards, tackable wall surfaces, analog phone lines, and multiple data ports in each conference room.
  • The Bay Auditorium has five multi-function isolation booths for multi-language interpretation, professional audio and video studio controls, guest speaker accommodations, or whatever your imagination can come up with!
  • The state-of-the-art and aesthetically pleasing new Nexo Line Array Sound System delivers pristine sound quality for groups of 400 to 1,000. This provides a sophisticated solution and enhanced participant experience by evenly distributing sound throughout your event space, eliminating "dead zones."
  • Onsite hands-on technology team.